About the Blog

GeezDude.com is a site for those that love movies, comics, sci-fi, science, fail videos, beautiful ladies, and dude stuff. We are a blog. With our own opinions, point of view and interests.

About the Galleries

Our galleries are just a compilation of the greatest works of art on Earth; women. So we would like to appreciate the beauty of these women with these selective, yet comprehensive galleries. We scour the web, so you don’t have to!

Our goal for the galleries can be best explained like this:

  • Most beautiful women known to mankind
  • The hottest photos available from each of these women
  • The highest quality version of these selected pictures that we can find are added (let us know if you found a version more HQ!)
  • ‘tabloid’ pics are kept to an absolute minimum
  • Screenshots kept to a moderate minimum
  • Emphasis on photoshoots & HQ events
  • Keep full nudity to a minimum, but sometimes the pic is just so amazing we may post it anyway! Case by case, completely subjective basis.
  • Front page will always be SFW-ish. As in no actual nudity will be shown. In other words, if Instagram allows it, we will allow it on the front page. Site as a whole will be largely SFW. With the exception of some pics in certain photo galleries, of course.

The GIF galleries will have a mix of the hottest from around the web as well as custom made specifically for GeezDude. These will tend to be very high quality and more often than not, be in a nice loop style for a more enjoyable viewing experience. These take a long time to create, so bear with us as we toil away! 😀


We claim to own nothing. This is a blog. A glorified fansite. Featuring what we think is cool, interesting, and hot. We believe how we are using the materials constitutes Fair Use.  If you are the copyright owner of material used on the site and have issue with our use of it please contact us via email and we will take down the material ASAP.


If you have a higher quality version of a pic, or know where to find it, let us know! Have any article suggestions, concerns, hope, dreams, or positive words? Email us!


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