Your Daily Breasts – (NSFW) Emily Ratajkowski, India Reynolds, Hannah Ferguson, Rita Ora! Plus: What makes Emily’s breasts prolific!

Your Daily Breasts are Emily Ratajkowski, India Reynolds, Hannah Ferguson, and Rita Ora!

Who on Earth doesn’t like breasts? I think it has been long established that everyone likes boobs. It isn’t even just boobs themselves that is so great; it is the wide range of them and all the details of the different boobs that make them even more sexy.

Emily Ratajkowski is woman who is packing prolific boobs. She has breasts that are really large. But by some miracle they are somehow right on the edge of being out of proportion with the rest of her body. Emily’s breasts are in a rare zone of absolute sexiness, which actually helps to bring attention to her other features as well.

That might sound weird at first, her boobs are really big and perfectly shaped, why would we pay attention to anything else? Because there are so many aspects to Emily Ratajkowski that allow her hot breasts to be in a desirable proportion to the rest of her body. For a start, she seems to have rather wide shoulders. Her hips are also just the right width to make a desirable ration with her shoulders and breasts. Then, on top of all that her butt is also quite curvy, which fills out her ratio in her rump area.

This makes Emily Ratajkowski a perfect storm. She maintains an exotic look with on the edge proportions, accentuating her overall unique look. There could come a time, and soon, that I consider Emily to be the worlds hottest woman. She is certainly well on her way there. I would be willing to hear the case for it.

I will go far more indepth in a future Picture Profile of this wondrous babe.