Electromagnetic Railguns – The U.S Military’s future Superguns – Curious Droid

Rail Guns are a decades old technology that is still very groundbreaking and new in its development and implementation. It is understandably complex to make in large scale battlefield use, despite the fundamentals of the tech being rather simple, but its cost to use is significantly cheaper than conventional weaponry and missiles. The projectiles fired from a Rail Gun are insanely fast and therefore inflict unrelenting damage. They do require a lot of power, which is why nuclear power on ships is it is equipped to is largely necessary.

This video from Curious Droid does the finest job I have seen to describe Rail Guns, their attributes, uses, and more.

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Railguns, Sci-fi come true, or at least it seems thats way. An electric gun that can fire a guided projectile over 150km at Mach 7. Although still in development these could be the future replacing the heavy guns of the past whilst being much cheaper to operate that cruise missiles or advanced aircraft.

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