Beautiful Faces of the Day – (NSFW) Adriana Lima, Rosie Jones, Nina Agdal, Kendall Jenner – Plus, my tech fail and why Adriana is special!

The Beautiful Faces of the Day are Adriana Lima, Rosie Jones, Nina Agdal, and Kendall Jenner!

Over the weekend I spent much of my time properly cataloging the pictures in the Adriana Lima gallery. It is a tedious task, but one I determined must be done. It is back-end website things. I put a somewhat proper description, alt text, caption, title, etc, on each and every picture in her gallery. I am trying to make them as accurate as possible to each specific picture. Some are similar enough that I can just reuse that data, but most are different enough that I have to write something new. Considering that there are something like 400 pictures in the Adriana Lima picture gallery, this took a long time.

But I found out, after I finished and moved on to the next gallery, that somehow 3/4 of my work didn’t save. It is supposed to do it automatically, nothing I can do manually. So many hours of work, most of Saturday, for nothing.

Why would I do it? It is supposed to help with web search results of pictures. I hope so. I am doing this with every new gallery posted, but there are many galleries in the past that haven’t had this treatment, so a lot of work is ahead of me!

Anyway, as I was working on indexing the Adriana Lima gallery I started to fall in love with this beauty again. There was a long time where I considered Adriana to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She held that #1 spot with a clenched fist for years. Up until she had her first child and went inactive for a while and of course there was the rise of Bar Refaeli (new full gallery coming in about a month!).

Adriana Lima was considered by many to be the worlds hottest woman as the top model for Victora’s Secret. She showed perfection in every picture from every angle. She was the Nina Agdal of that time, with perfectly proportioned assets and a unique beautiful look. Adriana Lima has been becoming more active again recently and I am excited to see what this legendary babe brings.