Beautiful Faces of the Day – Rita Ora, India Reynolds, Jessica Alba, Samantha Hoopes, Kendall Jenner

The Beautiful Faces of the Day are Rita Ora, India Reynolds, Jessica Alba, Samantha Hoopes, and Kendall Jenner!

I am big fan of beauty. There is so much of it out there and in great variety. Women are easily the most beautiful thing in the Universe and that is why I post these daily features. Nothing wrong with being turned on by the hotness of a woman, but there is something to be said about admiring the finer details of the beauty of a womans face. In my opinion, the face of a woman defines her overall beauty. It sets the standard from which the rest of her hotness is seen. It is largely something that is impossible to disassociate.

Rita Ora is a beauty who has an absolutely gorgeous face but also has an amazingly sexy body. She has great curves, large breasts that are unbelievable, and a butt that is insanely hot. I have said for a while now that I believe she could be a highly successful glamor model. She really does have all the right assets to be one. Right up there with Rosie Jones and India Reynolds.

The face of Rita Ora is displayed in its beauty in both the pics featured here. But the main featured pic shows off a bit more of her sexy side as she sticked out her tongue. Such a hot picture! Rita Ora is not a woman to shy away from showing off her body and doing whatever is needed to show a sexy pose. I hope we get many more glamor model-like photoshoots from this babe!