Your Daily Breasts (NSFW) – Samantha Hoopes, Rosie Jones, Hannah Ferguson, Emily Didonato

Your Daily Breasts areĀ Samantha Hoopes, Rosie Jones, Hannah Ferguson, and Emily Didonato!

Samantha Hoopes is a top 3 sexiest model in the world right now. What I find interesting is that I didn’t really pay that much attention to her until last years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. But when Nina Agdal, Kate Upton, and Irina Shayk were so dominant it is hard to blame me for overlooking some of the other models. I try my best not to do that anymore. Giving each model a proper look to see what they bring to the modeling world, and more importantly, what aspects of beauty do they represent.

Samantha Hoopes represents cold hard sex appeal, and I am OK with that. She is beautiful, sure, but her strength is in her barely (if at all) contained sexiness that shines through her every look and pose. She is so sexy that you can tell she knows it, and you know she knows it, and she knows you know she knows it, which just makes her even more sexy.

This is something real too. It isn’t just a play on words. It is where her attractiveness is part of the ‘game’ and she uses it as piece to make you do what she wants. Figuratively, and to a degree literally, speaking. But that is just the level of hotness we are talking about. We are all part of the game. I am all too happy to play.