Hot Korean Girls: Jeannie from the Kpop Group Rose Queen shows off her hot butt in tight shorts with plenty of cheek!

In this sexy video, Jeannie from the Kpop group Rose Queen shows off her hot butt in pretty much the whole video. A good amount of her cheeks are showing as she does her sexy dance, as these Korean girls do so well. These shorts cling to her body, showing off the curves of her butt and groin, highlighted by her sexy legs. Jeannie is a beautiful lady and her sexy butt is just one major reason to watch this video. She even goes spread eagle for a bit, as seems to be customary in most Kpop dance routines. I am a fan of the move.

But the focus is on her butt and it is a worthwhile repeat watch.

From Youtube:

Best of fancam Jeannie from Rose Queen showing her sexy cheeks, cute Korean girl.

• Jeannie 지니
• Sun 선미
• Seol 유설
• Shinyoung 이신영

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