Wonder Woman and The Flash Interview Each Other – Gal Gadot as awesome as ever; Plus Ezra Miller is hilarious

Gal Gadot is adorable. I don’t know how else to put it. But how does one not fall in love with her when watching her interviews? She is so lovable and you can’t help but become an even bigger fan of this woman. She seems to be such a great person and I think her personality is translated into the Wonder Woman character so perfectly.

Ezra Miller seems like a hilarious guy. I think he will be awesome as The Flash in Justice League. The chemistry between Ezra and Gal is electric with fun. They certainly know how to play off each other well providing some of the most entertaining interviews I have seen in a while. There are quite a few interviews with Gal and Ezra released this week and each one is really worth watching. They know how to make it really entertaining.

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From Youtube:

Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller quiz each other on all things Justice League — and you won’t believe what Ezra makes his co-star say!