Hot UHQ Pic of the Day! – Jessica Alba – Plus, more thoughts on what makes her so alluring!

Jessica Alba is our Hot UHQ Picture of the Day!

In today’s UHQ picture, Jessica is wearing a tight white bikini, showing off her substantial cleavage and super hot body! Such a babe!

I will never stop having a massive crush on Jessica Alba. She is my forever crush. Which is interesting since I definitely consider other women to be hotter or perhaps more beautiful. My own ranking of the worlds hottest woman doesn’t have her top 5. I don’t know where she would be. I actually don’t care.

Every time I look at Jessica Alba I am filled with peace. I just know that everything is going to be alright. I don’t know why. Jessica is a great mystery to me. Well, at least her effect on me is. She is unquestionably beautiful. But there is something else about her. I mentioned this in a previous UHQ pic of the day for her. I think this warrants further thought.

I will keep analyzing the beauty of Jessica over time. We will try to figure out why she is SO alluring!

Check out our massive Jessica Alba HQ picture gallery!

What are your thoughts about Jessica Alba? Is she magic? Am I insane? Is she an imaginary character? Comment below or Tweet at me!

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UHQ Jessica Alba Pic

Jessica Alba hot bikini cleavage; sexy body UHQ