STAR TREK DISCOVERY – Fortune favors the bold – Trailer 8

These trailers for Star Trek Discovery are great! I have said it before and I will say it again, the more I see of this show the better it looks. I want a darker, more mature, more actions packed and smarter Star Trek. I want a higher budget and modernized design. These are all things that Star Trek Discovery is delivering. This is a big opportunity to get people who haven’t watched Star Trek in the past to give it a go this time around. In this day and age of ‘premium’ television shows, Star Trek Discovery has stepped up to the plate to bring Star Trek to that next level of television.

So if you haven’t watched Star Trek before, or even cared for it, I recommend you tune in 1 week from now when Star Trek Discovery debuts. I am a life-long Star Trek fan and I would like to see others become fans as well!