Farewell Cassini: The Grand Finale and the Final Images of Saturn – Fraser Cain

To think that there are things, that we as humans made, that are far out in the deepest parts of our Solar System is something that is hard to comprehend. The vast distances that these satellites have traveled is nothing short of extraordinary. Cassini has been doing its job for almost 20 years and it definitely served its time. What we have seen through its lens has been wondrous and breathtaking.

This video does a great job summarizing what this Satellite showed us and what we have learned.

From Youtube:

After nearly 20 years, hundreds of thousands of photos, hundreds of flybys, and thousands of scientific papers, it’s time to say goodbye to Cassini. In this special video, we team up with David Joseph Wesley to say farewell to one of the most important scientific instruments humanity has ever built.