Crushing HUGE sandwich with Hydraulic Press – Hydraulic Press Channel

This isn’t much of a challenge for the hydraulic press, but that isn’t the point here. They want to crush it enough to try to fit in a mouth. Well, good luck with that! Something about these videos are eternally satisfying. I am even more hungry now though.

From Youtube:

Sandwich vs. our hydraulic press
So I finally got po box for us and now is time to flood it 😀 We are going to start pressing stuff that you send to us once every month in live stream at youtube.

You can send anything you want as long it is safe to handle and don’t violate youtube community guidelines for add friendly content, so sorry no sex toys 😀

The address is
Hydraulic press channel PL 16, 33711 TAMPERE Finland

We are going to start the show when we have enough stuff for first live session. I film inform it clearly on all of our channels. The shipping expenses to Finland might be quite high but you can send also small and light stuff that can be sent as an letter.

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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

High speed videos were filmed with Chronos 1.4