Kitchen Tip- Cutting A Carrot Like a Chef! No bra, see-through white shirt – Piper Blush

In this video, the lovely Piper Blush, shows us how to cut carrots like a pro! Well sure, I guess that is marginally interesting. What is really interesting is that she does it while wearing a see through white top with no bra on. Yeah, pokies galore! She has some nice breasts, no doubt about that.

From Youtube:

Chef Knife:
Have you ever injured yourself while cutting carrots? It is one of the hardest veggies, plus it’s tough to keep a hold of it. Let me show you this pro kitchen tip that will leave you with all of your fingers intact after the cooking is done.

This kitchen tip is quite easy to understand. It’s mainly all in the way you hold the handle and tang of the knife. You want a firm grip but flexible wrist. Always use the cutting edge closest to the heel to cut. Because it is closer to your hand, you will be able to apply more power and stability on the heel.

Also, make sure you keep your fingers hidden from the sharp edge. You want the tip of your fingers holding the carrot, for it not to slip. Your knuckles are the one you want to touch the belly. Watch the video for more info!