Hot UHQ Picture of the Day! – Katy Perry, plus our Scarlett Johansson gallery will be up tomorrow!

Katy Perry is our UHQ picture of the day

I like hot women. As most dudes do. I am not overly impressed with the music scene these days in that regard. I find it difficult to find women in music that I find next level hot. I don’t want to come across as harsh. It is just I am a dude who likes beauty. The music industry seems to be gravitating towards comical characters and visual extremes. While characters are nothing new, there just seems to be a decreasing amount of drop dead gorgeous ladies in the music scene. The quality of music hasn’t gone up either, so not sure what they are doing or where they are heading with this.

That is not to say there are not sexy ladies in music. I am a BIG fan of Rita Ora (check her hot gallery here). I also like Rihanna a lot. We will have a gallery for her next week, in all likelihood. Katy Perry is another one who has been consistently hot since she broke into the mainstream spotlight. She has a beautiful face a great body and those legendary breasts. Which many would say is her greatest asset. I think I agree. Her breasts are quite large and perfectly shaped. They are glorious.

So in today’s UHQ pic, we have Katy Perry topless, covering her ample boobs with her arms and hands. We still get a great view of her breasts. Awesome.

Speaking of awesome breasts, our Scarlett Johansson HQ picture and custom looped GIF gallery will be up tomorrow! Hundred of pics and over 90 custom made looped GIFs will be added! Nude GIFs as well. It will be great!

Check out the massive Katy Perry picture gallery here:

UHQ Katy Perry Pic