Darkseid VS Thanos: Epic Battle! – Variant

In the Marvel and DC comics universes, Thanos and Darkseid are right up there as the all time most dominant and powerful bad guys. They have a lot of similarities to them, but their differences are what make this comparison that much more interesting. Thanos has already been shown in the Marvel cinematic universe, while Darkseid’s Uncle, Steppenwolf, is the bad guy for the upcoming Justice League film. Which will likely herald Darkseid into the DC film universe in future films.

So who is more powerful? I would say Darkseid is. See what the folks at Variant have to say about it!


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Today on Arris puts two of the most powerfull villains in comics up against each other in an epic battle! Darkseid VS Thanos! Plus find out what comics you should buy this week!

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