I don’t know a whole lot about Youtuber Piper Blush, but I do know is that she is hot. So that gets my attention. She has a variety channel on Youtube, where she does a whole range of different things. From trying out different clothes to just not wearing bras. Such as in this particular video. She tries a bit of an experiment where she does a little jump rope with different bras, and most importantly, no bra. This is definitely worth watching. We all like boobs. Bouncing boobs are somehow that much better.



From Youtube:

Jump Rope: http://amzn.to/2vsfhCa
Have you seen my No Bra vlog(https://youtu.be/qfw6FEFGZSo), I tell you all about how I don’t often wear bras. Well, here resides the exception to this rule. Sometimes you just need that extra support. Let me demonstrate!

I will compare for you, in a very intense jump rope challenge, the different types of help you can choose from while practicing a fun activity or sport. Let’s differentiate the famously instant cleavage enhancing sports bra to the regular bra. A real proper robust design for the everyday women. Nothing sexy. Then we shall see what effects, not wearing any brassiere has on the chest and body with a simple t-shirt as reinforcement. Lastly, I will try it out completely free of clothes!

Please be indulgent. I’m not good at skipping the rope.