Here is a nice trailer, which is more of a compilation of some different footage of the upcoming Justice League movie. I think it showcases how awesome this film is going to be and how great it really looks. Just from a visual standpoint it looks crazy. I am really digging the concept of the film as well. There is a certain bit of desperation here, where the characters are virtually alone. Only a couple heroes, namely Wonder Woman and Batman, are aware that something big is coming. Thus their need to get people with abilities together to fight it. The films big baddy is no joke either. Steppenwolf is the Uncle of Darkseid and is virtually a demi-god. The amount of power he brings will be an interesting thing to see, because we all know Darkseid will eventually make his way into the DC film universe and he is even more powerful yet.

Don’t forget that both Gal Gadot and Amber Heard are in this movie, so check out their galleries and immerse yourself in their hotness as you get hyped for this film!