DJI Spark Unboxing and First Flight (Courtesy GearBest) – SexyCyborg

Underboob. Short shorts. Bare midriff. What more does one need in a tech video? Oh right, tech!

In this video, SexyCyborg, tries out the DJI Spark drone! I am a fan of drones and the advancements they have made to them over the past 5 years or so. They have become more compact, faster and more stable. While I do actually find that interesting, the best part is of course SexyCyborg herself! As usual, she shows off a LOT of skin. She wears the shortest shorts actually physically possible and a really short top as well. Her top is so short that you end up seeing plenty of underboob.

I cannot understate how sexy she is in these videos, but at the same time she actually is providing genuinely great content here. For a techie such as myself, her channel brings great insight into a variety of products and the like.

Go and subscribe to her channel as she puts out content regularly and does so in such a way that keeps dudes like us that much more interested!



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