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I like following some competitive eaters. Not sure why I find it entertaining, but I do. I also have always wondered what kind of toll it takes on ones body. Keep in mind, that competitive eaters don’t eat like this all the time, or even often. But they will train when events come up to expand their stomach and get a method and rhythm figured out. Interesting stuff.



From Youtube:

Eating 70 hot dogs in ten minutes should be impossible, but competitive eaters have found a way. But how exactly does it work in the body?

What’s REALLY in Hot Dogs? –
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Here’s What Competitive Eating Does to Your Body
“Many serious competitive eaters appear to be relatively thin and healthy. So how do they eat that many hot dogs and stay healthy? And is it safe? Not much research has been done about competitive eating. But several doctors from the University of Pennsylvania did an experiment for a National Geographic special, the results of which were published in the Journal of Roentgenology.”

Take a Bite Out of the World’s Top Eating Contests
“Everyone likes to eat. But for some people, eating is more than simple sustenance; it’s a competition. As’s Ed Grabianowski notes, competitive eating is a pastime that goes back thousands of years. The Major League Eating (MLE) and International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) suggested that, ‘If you have 30 hungry Neanderthals in a cave and a rabbit walks in, that is a competitive eating situation.'”

Fourth of July Food: Where Did It Come From?
“For some Americans, July 4 doesn’t start until a grill is fired up, followed by hot dogs, hamburgers — or maybe kabobs — served with sides of french fries and watermelon. So how did we land on these particular foods?”

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This episode of Seeker was hosted by Trace Dominguez

Written by: Sophie Bakoledis