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I am really looking forward to Star Trek Discovery. This promises to be a premium TV show, on the level we expect from top HBO and Netflix shows. Star Trek shows are often cutting edge in their own way. This one seems to be taking a new direction for Star Trek, as far as tone is concerned. As a long time fan of Star Trek, I am OK with this.

We live in a new era of entertainment and there are many stories to tell in the Star Trek Universe that need to get out there. The property also deserves the top quality with the highest budget. That is exactly what is happening with Star Trek Discovery.

You can only cater to the Star Trek purists so much. I have a feelings no matter what CBS did, many wouldn’t be happy with anything.

I hope this show isn’t afraid to push those boundaries. With this new direction they may indeed discover new fans and new ways to tell a story and boldly goes where no Star Trek show has gone before.


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In a surprising move, and a first for the Star Trek universe, Star Trek: Discovery is officially rated TV-MA, the first Trek property EVER to receive a Mature rating.

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