How To Drink a $100 Bottle of Wine In Seconds Without Uncorking or Opening It | L.A. BEAST

L.A. Beast is back with another video and this time he brought sorcery! He someone gets the wine out of the bottle without popping the cork! What a world we live in.



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Have you ever wondered if it was possible to drink beer or wine from the bottle without ever opening it or removing the cap or cork whatsoever? Well wonder no more, because after searching the depths of the internet the L.A. BEAST has somehow stumbled across a cool piece of wine technology called the CORAVIN. This one device can allow a person to taste vintage wines from their collection without ever uncorking the bottle, which keeps the wine fresh and safe from oxygen which has been known to shorten the shelf life of the wine significantly.
Fascinated, the L.A. BEAST decided to go out to the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond and pick up a CORAVIN for the sole purpose of becoming the first man on the face of the planet to drink a $100 bottle of wine in mere seconds without ever uncorking or opening the bottle. That’s it!!
So with all of that jazz out of the way, Please sit back, relax, grab a glass of wine and enjoy!!