How To Burp for 25 Seconds After Chugging 2 Liters of Crystal Pepsi | L.A. BEAST


The L.A. Beast is back with a new video! I love this guy’s dedication to his craft.  I can’t even chug a bottle of water. Never mind a 2 liter bottle of a carbonated beverage.


From Youtube:


On August 14, 2017, Pepsico has announced that they will be releasing #CrystalPepsi for the last & final time….& when the next selling period is over…..
so is Crystal Pepsi…..FoREEEEEVVVVVEEERRRRR.
Ever since the L.A. BEAST posted the video where he “Enjoyed” a 20 year old Crystal Pepsi back in 2012, it has been a long and arduous journey to once again be able to taste the sweet nectar of the Gods. In this video, The L.A. BEAST is chugging down the rest of what he has left from his Secret Crystal Pepsi stash in anticipation of loading up….one last time and in the process he shall demonstrate how one should properly BELCH after chugging down a 2 Liter Bottle of Crystal Pepsi.
Please sit back, relax and drive down memory lane as the L.A. BEAST pays homage…one last time….to his childhood memories & to the people who helped make Crystal Pepsi a reality. Thank you.

Watch The World Burping Championship Here: