Our Chanel Iman Picture and Custom Looped GIF Gallery are Up! Over 120 HQ pics & 50 HQ custom GIFs!

I have to say, I haven’t been following Chanel Iman all that long. Although she really is just coming into her own in the past couples years. I am a big fan of her Sports Illustrated photoshoots. They showcase her lithe body oh so well. I am particularly a fan of her in motion. As with most ladies, in all honesty. But Chanel Iman moves gracefully and at every turn we see more of her absolute beauty. She is VERY GIF-able. I made 50 custom HQ reverse looped Geez Dude GIFs of this hottie. I will actually be making more from her in the coming weeks. But I just wanted to get this gallery out there as a start.

There are well over 100 HQ pictures of Chanel Iman in the gallery. From GQ to Sports Illustrated. The hottest and most HQ pics we could find of her. As always we will update the gallery when we find more hot pics and replace those in the gallery with more HQ ones should they exist.

In the mean time, check out her gallery. She is magnificent. The more you look at her, the more you will be obsessing. I can’t get enough of her now!

Galleries are NSFW

Picture Gallery

Chanel Iman banner 3

GIF Gallery